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Attitude Blog #1 - Open House!

No better way to start a blog series than announcing that we will be hosting an open house! Come join us to see what we are all about on Sunday, May 15th. There will be quite a few vendors joining us as well so if you have any questions specific to their product they will be here to answer all of them. You will be able to walk through our shop and see what the place that your vehicle gets worked on looks like! There will be food, music, vendors, and a sale tent. The sale tent will have heavily discounted prices on parts that have either been ordered on accident, or were not needed in a build that we cannot return. The open house will be from 9AM-3PM so there will be plenty of time to swing by if you are not able to make it when it first starts! We believe that open houses really help get a better connection with the shops and people that you entrust to work on your vehicles, unfortunately with the global climate the past 2 years we were not able to host any open houses which is why we are so excited to finally get back into it. Hope to see everyone there! Please feel free to ask us any questions you may have or if you just want to say hi don't be shy!

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Any chance you have a big break kit for a 2019 Wrangler JL in that sale tent?

looking forward to the open house!

Replying to

Glad to hear! I don't think there will be, most of the things in the tent will be shocks and misc. suspension components.

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