Bigger and Badder


Our Customers Hate Boring Trucks

There is no question that, with the success of the enormous aftermarket industry, people love to add style, performance, and additional capabilities to their new vehicles. We have a solid history of helping new vehicle dealerships to provide their customers with an attention-getting customer vehicle, right from the showroom floor.

Customers love the ability to buy a stylish custom truck right from the dealer, and dealers love the amount of additional customer traffic that these vehicles generate.

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Dealership Specific Programs

This exciting program is for new vehicle dealerships interested in driving additional customer traffic and providing customers with a personalized custom vehicle conversion.  Our expertise and vendor relationships become an extension of your own sales and parts department.  This program begins with a brief meeting to show you recommended examples of basic accessory packages.  Then, once 2-3 are decided on, each package is given a name to assist your team in the marketing of each vehicle.

Packages often include:

  • Basic suspension lift or leveling kit
  • Performance wheel/tire combination
  • Off-road lighting
  • Grille guard or bull bar

(Each dealer package is unique, and can be altered or changed based on individual dealership needs and customer requests.)

Ford Adventure

Promotional Vehicles

When professional marketing agencies, large corporations, TV studios, or Hollywood need a wild, attention-getting promotional vehicle, they often rely on our team’s creativity, fabrication capabilities, and expertise to build something unique. Let us know what you’re thinking about, or challenge us to create a promotional vehicle concept that resonates with your target audience.

Give us a call today! The brainstorming sessions for these one-of-a-kind projects are a blast!